Sunday, December 5, 2010

Etsy Loves {Baby Edition}

This week has been so hectic and at times draining. I spent quite a bit of time getting ready for my craft show yesterday. It was such a great time. Thank you to everyone that came out to see me. I appreciate it beyond words. However, the babies overshadowed everything by all their little antics this week. Here are some of the highlights: projectile vomiting, wallet in toilet, dog water dumped all over kitchen not once but twice, Christmas tree almost tipping over on to many occasions to count because of persistent ornament and light yanking, and the list could go on and on. So, I found it fitting to make my Etsy Loves this week be all about the babies because in the end it really is all about them anyways, isn't it? =) Enjoy!

This hat by DaintyCheeksBoutique is beyond cute. Let me repeat again.....I'm kinda wishing I had a little girl to place this hat on. The best part of this hat, though, is that it is made up of recycled knit fabric!!!

I wish I would have had this little burp rag by LittleChicBoutique this week when I was getting vomited on. It might have made it more pleasurable.....ok....probably not.

I'm ordering this little onesie by mcjillicutty for my little bird for Christmas. I just can't resist. It's just to cute to pass up don't you think?

It's not a coincidence that I have two teething items on my Etsy Loves. I ordered this Amber teething necklace, by Amberforsale, for my little guy a while back, and it finally came. So far, it seems to be working!!

Are these not simply the cutest shoes by HappySolez?

I wish I needed a wet bag right now because I most certainly would have had this little guy by PurplePoppies already purchased and in my diaper bag to store our cloth's in when we are on the go!

I found this cute little owl decal by SimpleShapes to add to my other baby's nursery. I love decals cause they add such a cute touch and are super easy and not time consuming to put up, which is so important to me!

I have been looking for just a few small items to add to my littlest's nursery, and I ran across this little baby panda doll by kleja this. It is absolutely perfect!! It even has a little bird on it, which is his nickname.

A friend of mine recommend these natural teething rings by asummersafternoon to me yesterday, and I can't get mine ordered fast enough.

I absolutely love this little blanket by bluebelledesign. We have 2 of her blankets already and just love them. She does such wonderful work!

Be back later with a blog post about the cutest little gift I received in the mail and a couple pics from my craft show yesterday.


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love them all - especially the owls!
    Love Aimee

  2. Holy Guacamole! I like your illustrations, and thus, your blog! Nice work.

    Peace, Love & Puppies

  3. These are so great!! I love the wooden teethers and toys. I keep seeing them around everywhere!