Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boy Or Girl?

We had our ultrasound yesterday and found out what we're having. I'll admit. I was surprised, actually more like shocked. Looks like I'm going to be buying another pair of these......

We are having another boy!! I can hardly believe it. I was SO sure that I was pregnant with a girl that I had all the babies clothes laid out on the dresser to take to the consignment shop, hadn't really even thought of a baby boy name, and started looking at girl crib sets. I was thinking about all the pretty ways I was going to style her hair and all the cute little dresses that she would wear. Sigh. Oh well, I am very happy and feel very blessed to add another little boy to our family. 3 baby boys and one teenage girl. I believe our family is now complete.


  1. Those are the cutest booties ever!!

    but of course, more importantly CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

    renee xo

  2. Oh my gosh, three boys! That is so cute, I just adore brothers together, especially in sets of 3. XO

  3. Congratulations!!

    Those are the cutest booties I've ever seen. So original! I know a few lovely ladies who would be more than happy to get their hands on a pair.

    (By the way, thanks for having such an adorable website widget; just got it up on my own blog!

  4. Your blog is adorable :) and congrats on the baby boy!