Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Must Haves

Having two babies ten months apart is something that nobody could have prepared me for. I can definitely say that I have become much more acquainted with the baby world than I ever thought I would ever be. Here are some of my must haves and things I'm not sure I could live without...........

I cannot say enough about cloth diapers.

Having two babies so close together is literally like having
twins, which means double stroller. Bumbleride.
Worth every single penny. Enough said.

Potsy is super cute and entertaining. I would
consider this my best toy buy pretty much ever.
I love my Ergo. It is so comfy and
doesn't make my back to ache at all.
I LOVE my Puj. It makes bathing my 3 month
old a breeze!!
Sophie is like a member of this family.
She wasn't a favorite at first but when
teething struck her legs became the
most popular thing in the house. ;)
My littlest LOVES his Mamaroo swing,
and so do I!!
Both of my babies had reflux. Nap Nanny
was a life saver. Plus, we used it as a seat for
a bit after the reflux passed.
Warming a bottle in about a minute.
tommee tippee + 2am=heaven. I can't believe
we ever lived without this.
I never knew a diaper bag could be so fashionable!
Super cute name too! I have this little cutie in red.



  1. love love love this entire list!

  2. Great products!! I didn't know your kids are 10 months apart! You're a super mom!

  3. wow nice blog..
    I 'm your new follower!

  4. Wow, this post has really helped me realize that my girl is getting to big because none of this looks familiar. haha! But it does give me baby fever *ahh*

  5. Everything is great! My mom just bought Potsy for my 15 month old daughter and she loves it! Its fun to play with her and it too :)

  6. I am DROOLING over that stroller. OMG I want one!