Monday, November 29, 2010

My Little Decorator

Originally, this post was to be photos of myself and my little family decorating our house for Christmas. However, this little guy stole the whole show. The whole entire show. It's truly a wonder how we got anything done because we were all just watching him. Chance was SO into decorating. He was so excited and amazed by all the decorations that I had to post just his pics cause frankly they are just so darn cute..........

He loves the tree and all the decorations, a little to much at times, and it's proven to be a feat at times keeping him away and not touching. It is kind of cute, although I'm not sure how cute it will be if our tree tips over. ;)


  1. This makes me really excited for when Asia is a little older, she's still too young to know whats going on. How cute!

  2. So adorable! Mia is the same way, I'm sure our tree is coming down on her in the next month!